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Contrabajos de Baja California, its a non profit organization founded in 2011, as a result of the hard work made since 2002 in Baja California state by Andrés Martín and his bass students. This institution promotes a constant bass activity in this region, developing tools and  resources to help the professional formation of more than 40  children, youngs and adults for whom Contrabajos de Baja California gets instruments, strings, bows, books, repairs, and teachers who go to the communities and teach right there. Also, the institution its currently giving them a physical place where to practice and all needed materials (books, methods, videos, etc.) Former students of Contrabajos de Baja California, are teaching all abroad the Baja California State, working with an average of 50 bass students un, in a "net" system that makes all young teachers been synchronized with the same principals and goals and supervised by Contrabajos de Baja California. 

One of the most relevant activities held by Contrabajos de Baja California A.C. is the "Encuentro Latinoamericano de Contrabajos" (Latin American Bass Camp). It is a "bass week" that happens yearly in Tijuana B.C. frequented not only by local bass players and students, but by dozens of bassists from all over Mexico and south of United States, because until today, it is the only event devoted entirely to double bass in this country. Click here to take a look at the X Encuentro Latinoamericano de Contrabajos broshure

Every year, renowned teachers and soloists from all over the world, arrives to our Encuentro, where they offer group lessons, masterclasses, recitals, and concerts. The "Encuentro Latinoamericano de Contrabajos" made possible that artists like Volkan Orhon, Simón García, Catalin Rotaru, Thierry Barbé, (among many others) played in México for the first time ever.

 ,,,read Jason Heath´s review of the XII Encuentro Latinoamericano de Contrabajos at (2017)

Andrés also has a free blog, where he posts instructional videos (in Spanish), discussing and showing different techniques and giving advices, for those who lives in places where there are no bass teachers around.

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